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Terrebonne Private Utility District

Terrebonne PUD

The Private Utility District provides septic utility services to Terrebonne Estates residents in Terrebonne, Oregon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I sign up for service?

You can email us at: LetUsHelp@TerrebonnePUD.com or call us at 541-385-6773.

Q: What do we do if there is an emergency on the property?

Please call Mike’s cell at 541-420-3006 or Misty’s cell at 541-610-2156.

Q: How do I contact Terrebonne PUD?

For questions regarding service, please contact 541-420-3006. Vendors, please use 541-610-2156.

Billing Policy

Monthly Fee: $60 (Automatic Payments)

Monthly Fee: $65 (Check or Money Order) or $60/month paid quarterly.

Billing will be sent out by the 27th of the month and due on the 10th of the following month.

There will be a 4 day grace period. On the 5th day you will be charged a $15.00 late fee and then on the 6th day going forward you will be charged an additional $5.00 per day until your balance is paid in full.

If your overdue amount reaches $200.00 we will partner with a collection agency to collect the debt on our behalf.

Late Fee and Non-Payment Policy
By engaging for septic services with Terrebonne PUD, LLC, you agree to the billing policy and fees as set forth on the website. You may download a copy of the welcome letter which includes the monthly service options, late fees and late payment policy. You may also request the schedule of fees to be sent to you at any time.

Access to Preference Power

PUDs may generate some or all of the electricity they sell, or they may purchase it. In Oregon, PUDs have first right, or “preference” to the power generated by the Federal Columbia River Hydropower System, which is marketed and transmitted by the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA). Traditionally, Oregon PUDs have purchased most of their power needs from BPA.

Taxes and Franchise Fees

Statewide, Oregon PUDs pay millions of dollars annually in property taxes and franchise fees to the communities they serve.

Expert Customer Support

PUDs tailor their services to meet the needs of the communities they serve, offering an array of programs for residential, commercial and industrial customers. These programs include low-income energy assistance, rebates for energy efficiency projects, energy audits, safety tips and much more.

Community Involvement

As members of the communities they serve, PUDs have a vested interest in supporting community goals and events. PUDs participate in local chambers of commerce and service organizations, offer educational opportunities to local schools and provide information, training and other services to communities, cities, police and fire departments.